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RuuviTag Sensor

RuuvitTag Sensor by

The RuuviTag by the finnish startup Ruuvi is a small open source sensor. This little device reads data like humidity, air pressure, motion and temperature. Thanks to Bluetooth LE it’s very low energy consumting and runs with only one CR2477 battery 1-2 years. The device is only 45mm in diameter (52mm with the waterproof housing)…

Raspberry Pi Zero

Raspberry Pi Zero for IOTA projects

Raspberry Pi Zero and IOTA The Raspberry Pi Zero is the perfect device when it comes to light weight IOTA projects.The Pi Zero is the smaller version of the Raspberry Pi.Main difference is the size and the lower specs. These lower specs result in a lower energy consuption for the Raspberry Pi Zero, which makes…

Bosch XDK protyping device

Bosch XDK is the perfect device for prototyping. This hardware can collect all kinds of data that can be used for different purposes.Built in accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, pressure-, acoustic-, temperature-, digital light and humidity sensors make this the perfect device for IOTA related projects.Built in Bluetooth, programmable pushbuttons, an SD-card slot and WIFI make let…