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Raspberry Pi Zero for IOTA projects

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Raspberry Pi Zero and IOTA

The Raspberry Pi Zero is the perfect device when it comes to light weight IOTA projects.
The Pi Zero is the smaller version of the Raspberry Pi.
Main difference is the size and the lower specs. These lower specs result in a lower energy consuption for the Raspberry Pi Zero, which makes it ideal for different kind of usecases.


  • powered by micro usb.
  • micro usb (OTG) and mini HDMI port.
  • built in WLAN (W-edition)
  • Bluetooth
  • 1GHZ CPU (single core)
  • 512MB Ram
  • 40-Pin header
  • Camera connector
  • …and more


Project examples


One of the most known projects for the Raspberry Pi Zero is ICT – the IOTA Controlled Agent.

This project was started by IOTA co-founder Sergey Ivancheglo (aka CFB).
For a long time it was unclear what the purpose for ICT will be.
Now the vision got clearer. This blogpost by IOTA Foundation member Microhash explains the vision of the IOTA Controlled Agent. (You also find more informations about ICT here on


If you want to participate in the ICT project there is a well written tutorial by IOTA community member “Lambtho” on how to install ICT on a Raspberry Pi (Zero).
This noob-proof tutorial should help even not so tech savy people to setup an ICT node.
If there are any more questions there is the #omega-ict channel on Discord where the community members offer help.


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