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Raspberry Pi 4b

The Raspberry Pi 4b is the successor of the popular 3b.
Although the dimensions remained nearly the same, the 4b differs clearly from its predecessors.

In addition to the 2 USB-3 interfaces, the significantly larger RAM memory should make the biggest difference.

A further innovation is that the power connection is no longer solved via a micro USB plug as usual, but via USB-C.

The Raspberry Model 4b comes in three different versions.
1GB, 2GB or 4GB RAM are available to the buyer.
In addition, the device is now 4k compatible and has 2 Micro-HDMI ports.

These specs make the Raspberry 4b ideal for IOTA projects that require a little more computing power.
For example, it should be possible to run your IOTA node over this small device in the future.
Until now, only ICT nodes ran over the weaker predecessor models, such as the 3(b) and the Raspberry Zero.

Prices range from ~$35 for the 1GB model up to ~$55 for the 4GB version.

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