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Ledger Nano X – Hardware Wallet for IOTA

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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IOTA compatible hardwallet with Bluetooth

Ledger Nano X* is the newest hardware wallet by the Ledger company.

This device enables you to store your funds in a safe way, without having to worry about your IOTA Seed getting stolen anymore.

The Ledger Nano S did this too, but the Ledger Nano X got a new feature that will boost up the user experience – Bluetooth.

Now you can finally use your Ledger not only on a PC.

With Bluetooth you will be able to use the Ledger Live app on your Smartphone or Tablet.

Making a transaction is now possible almost everywhere.

The buttons are also newly located and the display got bigger, which also will make a noticable change in usability.

The storage of the Ledger Nano X increased, so you can store more different cryptocurrencies on your device.

Of course the Ledger is still IOTA Trinity Wallet compatible and got all the features you know from the older device.

This wallet only weighs 34g and is the perfect device for every IOTA and other crypto enthusiast.

More informations can be found on the Ledger website*.

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