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IOTA hardware wallets are the safest way to store your funds.

Ledger Nano X – Hardware Wallet for IOTA

IOTA compatible hardwallet with Bluetooth Ledger Nano X* is the newest hardware wallet by the Ledger company. This device enables you to store your funds in a safe way, without having to worry about your IOTA Seed getting stolen anymore. The Ledger Nano S did this too, but the Ledger Nano X got a new…

Ledger Nano Hardwallet

Ledger Nano S IOTA edition Trinity Wallet compatible hardwallet

IOTA Trinity Wallet compatible wallet The Ledger Nano S* is probably the most known hardwallet on the market. This device allows you to store your IOTA Seed and funds in the most likely safest way. Your Seed never leaves the device. All you need is a Ledger Nano S and the Trinity Wallet that was…