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IOTA Academy

At the IOTA Academy, developers and non-developers have the opportunity to attend a course, seminar and/or training and subsequently obtain an IOTA certificate.

During the training the participant learns the basic knowledge of IOTA technology and specific knowledge in different areas.

The courses take place online and are available internationally.
There is therefore no country restriction on participation.

Screenshot: IOTA Academy Developer Certificate (sample)

There are different course offerings:

Prices start at 299€ for a simple online course without personal support, 599€ for an online course including support and 999€ for the online course + support and a 2 day seminar.

(Companies pay twice as much.)

Who books/buys via, gets an additional discount up to 50% on the IOTA Academy offers!

The course/training is followed by an exam to obtain the certificate, which is also attended by members of the IOTA Foundation.

This certificate opens up completely new possibilities and perspectives for the graduate.

Companies looking for IOTA specialists will find the right contact faster.

The authenticity of the certificate can also be checked in the IOTA Tangle.
All you need to do is scan the QR code or enter the hash on

The IOTA Academy is a cooperation of the IOTA Foundation and IOT1.

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