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ICT is the shortcut for IOTA Controlled Agent.

This project was created by IOTA co-founder Sergey Ivancheglo who is probably better known as CFB or Come-From-Beyond.

For a long time it was not really clear what the purpose of this project is.

Now a blogpost by IOTA Foundation member Microhash revealed more informations about the vision.

It looks like that in the future ICT will maybe replace IRI.

All the connected IOTA Controlled Agent nodes will act as one big node.

IXI (IOTA Extension Interface) modules will enable all kinds of different things.

The first module released is Chat.IXI which allows you to chat with other network participants.

A more detailed description of what the IOTA Controlled Agent is can be found in this blogpost.

On this site you find all the hardware that can be used to participate in the ICT network.

You also find tutorials how to install ICT on all kind of devices like the Raspberry Pi for e.g.

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