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This side provides you with all informations about IOTA related hardware.

Find all the devices you can use to participate in the IOTA Network.

Start streaming data to the IOTA Tangle using MAM (masked authenticating messaging) that you collected with a sensor.

Sell this data on a data marketplace or use it for other purposes.

You can also use IOTA dedicated hardware for building a POC (proof of concept).

Wallets let you store your Seed / funds in a safe way. No need to write down your IOTA Seed anymore and hide it in a secret spot. Some Hardwallets like the Ledger Nano are IOTA Trinity Wallet compatible which make taking care of your funds a piece of cake.

There is more and more hardware available that can be used to interact with IOTA’s DAG technology.

Raspberry Pi 4b

The Raspberry Pi 4b is the successor of the popular 3b.Although the dimensions remained nearly the same, the 4b differs clearly from its predecessors. In addition to the 2 USB-3 interfaces, the significantly larger RAM memory should make the biggest difference. A further innovation is that the power connection is no longer solved via a…


IOTA Academy

At the IOTA Academy, developers and non-developers have the opportunity to attend a course, seminar and/or training and subsequently obtain an IOTA certificate. During the training the participant learns the basic knowledge of IOTA technology and specific knowledge in different areas. The courses take place online and are available internationally.There is therefore no country restriction…


Ledger Nano X – Hardware Wallet for IOTA

IOTA compatible hardwallet with Bluetooth Ledger Nano X* is the newest hardware wallet by the Ledger company. This device enables you to store your funds in a safe way, without having to worry about your IOTA Seed getting stolen anymore. The Ledger Nano S did this too, but the Ledger Nano X got a new…

RuuvitTag Sensor by

RuuviTag Sensor

The RuuviTag by the finnish startup Ruuvi is a small open source sensor. This little device reads data like humidity, air pressure, motion and temperature. Thanks to Bluetooth LE it’s very low energy consumting and runs with only one CR2477 battery 1-2 years. The device is only 45mm in diameter (52mm with the waterproof housing)…

Raspberry Pi for IOTA Tangle projects and prototypes

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi The Raspberry Pi is one the most known devices out there for programmming and realizing smaller and even bigger projects in the IOTAsphere. There are different versions which fit different needs. The Raspberry Pi 3+ is the most advanced atm. But for many smaller projects a smaller device like the Raspberry Pi Zero…

Ledger Nano S IOTA edition Trinity Wallet compatible hardwallet

Ledger Nano Hardwallet

IOTA Trinity Wallet compatible wallet The Ledger Nano S* is probably the most known hardwallet on the market. This device allows you to store your IOTA Seed and funds in the most likely safest way. Your Seed never leaves the device. All you need is a Ledger Nano S and the Trinity Wallet that was…

Raspberry Pi Zero for IOTA projects

Raspberry Pi Zero

Raspberry Pi Zero and IOTA The Raspberry Pi Zero is the perfect device when it comes to light weight IOTA projects.The Pi Zero is the smaller version of the Raspberry Pi.Main difference is the size and the lower specs. These lower specs result in a lower energy consuption for the Raspberry Pi Zero, which makes…

Paracosm Post Scriptum logo

Paracosm – Post Scriptum Board Game

IOTA Tangle based Board Token Game The Paracosm – Post Scriptum Collectible Board Token Game is the real world verision of the PC game. This game, for 2-6 players, allows you to save the player history on the token – thanks to IOTA’s Tangle technology. Each real token has its own RFID chip, which connects…

DHT22 sensor collect temperature and humidity

DHT22 – temperature and humidity sensor

Measuring range (temperature): -40°C to +125°C Measuring range (humidity) : ±0 % to +90% Operating voltage: 3.3V to 6V Accuracy: ±0,5°C and ±2% Usecase for e.g.: Stream temperatur and humidity data to the IOTA Tangle.

Sense Hat sensor for Raspberry Pi

Sense Hat for Raspberry

Multi sensor module for Raspberry Pi Sense Hat for Raspberry is a small additional module that can be connected to a Raspberry Pi. This module contains multiple sensors like a temperature, humidity, air pressure sensors and a gyroscope. It also got a LED panel which can be programmed. You can show your sensor data on…